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Buy Goods and Services, They Buy Relation, Stories and Magic.

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Our Story

Aditi Hinger

I am an enthusiastic and innovative person as a result of my interest in entrepreneurship and the acquisition of new skills and technologies. I've lived in Russia and France and am constantly striving to do my best. Some recognize me for my adaptability, while others recognize me for my passion for startup or corporate work cultures.

With experience in defining product definitions for health tech businesses, becoming an expert at analyzing new markets, establishing products, and developing new products. Several of my core management abilities are highlighted below: Product development, innovation marketing, digital product management, corporate foresight, innovation economics, business model development, creative thinking, and technology leadership Proceed to market procedures, project planning and execution.

Shivam Vaishnav

Hey, Shivam here.👋I'm an ART Director, web visual designer/developer &  freelancer who loves helping folks thrive online with memorable web design and Advertisement.

I am a Marketing expert, UI / UX designer, and an art director. I have done my bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and earned a professional certificate in UI / UX design, Neuroscience, Neuromarketing, Project management, and Transmedia storytelling. During my professional career, I gained a quality experience working in creative industries such as influencer marketing, Marketing and product development, Visual communication, consumer Focused targeting, website designing, ROI, and lead generation
our timeline

Over 4 Years In Creative Industries

2021 - 2022


Both of us began our careers in creative industries, spanning India and international companies, encompassing product-based, manufacturing, and service-oriented sectors. Our collaborative journey has enriched us professionally and personally, fostering mutual growth and learning.
2022 - 2023


Achieved 1M+ audience acquisition via digital marketing. Led UI/UX training for 1000+. Co-founded projects as Art Director with 4+ years' experience. Expert in enhancing user experience, emotional marketing, and brand identity. Skilled in UI/UX, 3D modeling, AR/VR, and Agile methodologies. Strong collaborator with a passion for creative storytelling. Also, highly proficient Game Developer with 2+ years' experience, adept at various programming languages and gaming trends.
2023 - 2024

the IDEA

"We devised a strategic blueprint to seamlessly integrate sales and marketing, crafting an unforgettable customer journey. This synergy resulted in a remarkable 90% increase in customer retention and an impressive 86% surge in cash flow for businesses."

the problem

In our professional experience across various industries, we've observed a recurring challenge: businesses encounter obstacles in fostering meaningful relationships with their customers. Even those that have successfully established themselves as brands often struggle to navigate fluctuating market dynamics, resulting in operational difficulties as market trends evolve.